iScreen Drug Test Dip Card

The Alere iScreen Dip Drug Test Card rapidly screens for a broad range of illicit and prescription drugs. These drug test devices are easy to use. Feature a wide range of drug test panel configurations. For expanded features, try our drug screen dip cards with specimen validity test.

iScreen Dip Drug Test Features and Benefits

  • 1-12 configurations available for a fully customized urine testing program
  • Simple procedure: collect, dip, and read results at 5 minutes
  • 510(k) cleared to market
  • Administrator remains in control of test device
  • Specimen validity combinations available: CR, GL, NI, OX, pH, SG

iScreen Dip Drug Test Instructions

iScreen Product Information


Package Insert

SVT Package Insert


  • Specimen Collection cup with Temperature strip
  • Two Part Drug Test Results Forms
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