Integrated EZ Drug Test Kits

The Integrated EZ Split Key Drug test Kits are simple to administer and results can be read within minutes. The integrated EZ drug test kits have up to a 24 month shelf life. This drug test cup is available in 3, 4, 5, 6, 10 and 12 panel options.

Integrated EZ Split Key Cup Drug Tests without Adulteration

Drug Test Panel Options

DOA-1237-019 3 panel  COC, THC, mAMP
DOA-1247-019 4 Panel COC, mAMP, THC, OPI
DOA-2257-019 5 Panel  COC, THC, AMP, OPI, PCP
DOA-1257-019 5 Panel  COC, THC, mAMP, AMP, OPI
DOA-3257-019 5 Panel  COC, THC, mAMP, OPI, PCP
DOA-1167-019 6 Panel  COC, THC, mAMP, AMP, OPI, PCP
DOA-2167-019 6 Panel  COC, THC, mAMP, PCP, OPI, BZO
DOA-167-321-019 6 Panel  COC, THC, mAMP, OPI, MDMA, OXY
DOA-177-161 7 Panel  COC150, THC, mAMP300, AMP3000, OPI, PCP, MDMA
DOA-1187-019 8 Panel  COC, THC, mAMP, AMP, OPI, PCP, BAR, BZO
DOA-21107-019 10 Panel  COC, THC, mAMP, AMP, OPO, PCP, BAR, BZO, MTD, MDMA
DOA-1127-041-19 12 Panel   COC150, THC, mAMP. AMP, BZO, OXY, BAR, MDMA, MOP, MTD, PPX , BUP

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