Saliva Drug Test Kits – Mouth Swab Drug Test

Saliva drug test kit from leading manufacturers. Mouth swab drug testing is becoming a very popular type of drug testing for employers.

Saliva Drug Test Features & Benefits:

  • Easy Employee Drug Testing
  • No Restroom Required
  • Test Anytime & Test Anywhere
  • Allows you to perform observed collections
  • Less invasive way of drug testing
  • Mouth Swab Test available without testing for THC (Marijuana)
  • Employee & insurance drug testing
  • Multiple Panel configurations available for mouth swab testing

 Drug Testing is easy for all types of employee drug testing:

  • Pre-Employment drug testing
  • Random Drug Testing
  • Reasonable Suspicion or for Cause Drug Testing
  • Post-Accident Drug Testing

We do not offer forensic use only oral drug test for employment testing.

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