NOTE: This section is for informational purposes only, and not to be used for the administration of assays. Please refer to the most current package insert accompanying your test kit. If you have any questions, please call toll-free at 1- 866-323-7336 or e-mail Thank you.

Product Information Brochures, Package Inserts, and Procedures /Instructions


Urine Drug Test Product Information

iCassette One Step Urine Drug Test

iCassette Brochure

iCup Instant Drug Test Kits

iCup Drug Test Kit Brochure

iCup AD Package Insert



Integrated  EZ Split Key Cup

EZ Split Key Cup Drug Test Brochure

Integrated E-Z Split Key® Cup Package Insert

iScreen Dip Drug Test Kit


Multi-Clin CLIA Waived Cassette Drug Test


Single K2 (Spice), Fentanyl, & Tramadol Dip Drug Test

K2 Dip Brochure

K2 Package Insert

Fentanyl Dip Brochure

Fentanyl Package Insert

Tramadol Dip Brochure

Tramadol Package Insert

Single Dip Cards Procedure Card


Uscreen Urine Drug Test

UScreen DrugTest Cup Brochure



Saliva Drug Test Product Information

Oratect AOT-06 Saliva Drug Test

Oratect AOT-06 Saliva Drug Test

Oratect AOT-06 Saliva Drug Test Procedure & Package Insert


Alcohol Test Product Information

Alcomate Premium AL7000F Breath Alcohol Test Kit

AlcoMate Breath Alcohol Tester Brochure

AlcoScreen Saliva Alcohol Test

Alcoscreen Brochure

AlcoScreen Package Insert

AlcoScreen 02 DOT Approved Saliva Alcohol Test

Alcoscreen 02 Brochure

AlcoScreen.02_Package Insert

iScreen Breath Alcohol Test

iScreen Breath Alcohol Test Package Insert

Nicotine /Cotonine Test – Smoke Test

iScreen OFD Cotinine Test

Cotinine OFD Brochure

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