Urine Drug Tests: iScreen Urine Drug Test Kits

iScreen One Step Drug Test Kit are available in quantities of 25 urine drug tests per box. Each urine drug test kit comes with the urine specimen collection cup with the temperature strip affixed and a 2-part urine drug test results forms.

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  • Detects 1 - 10 Drugs
  • Laboratory Accurate
  • On Board Adulteration Available
  • Photocopy Results

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Procedure Card for Single and Multi Drug Screen test Cards

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1. Remove iScreen test from foil pouch at room temperature. Take off the cap revealing the testing strips.

2. Immerse test vertically in the urine sample for at least 10 – 15 seconds. Do not allow the specimen to touch the device housing

.3. Read at 5 minutes.

4. Interpretation of Results:




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