Oratect HM-15 Saliva Drug Test | U.S Screening Source

FDA Approved Saliva Drug Test – Oratect HM-15 6 Panel Saliva Drug Test

HM-15 Saliva Drug Test Features:

FDA (510K) Approved Saliva Drug Test

• Two test strip configurations of 6 drugs

• Rapid collection and testing in one step

• Results in 5 minutes

• User-friendly and non-invasive

• Avoids cross gender observation

• Reduces sample adulteration or contamination

• Includes transport tube for confirmation testing

HM-15 Saliva Drug Test Drugs of Abuse Include:

Methamphetamines (ME) 50 ng/mL

Marijuana (TH) 40 ng/mL

Cocaine (CO) 20 ng/mL

Amphetamines (AM) 50 ng/mL

Opiates (OP) 40 ng/mL

Phencyclidine (PC) 10 ng/mL



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