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Frequently Asked Drug Test and Alcohol Test Product Questions:


How long after running the drug tests are the results still valid?

The drug test results are valid up to 10 minutes after the drug test has been administered.


Is there any specific way these drug test products need to be stored? Do they have to be refrigerated?


All drug testing devices can be stored at room temperature up to the date of expiration printed on the individual foil pouch. They cannot be stored in extreme heat or cold and must remain sealed in the foil pouch until use.


What is the minimum amount of specimen needed for a conclusive drug test result?


It is always important to collect a sufficient amount of specimen in case of a non-negative result. The confirmation laboratory requires a minimum of 15ml of specimen but prefers 30ml for urine drug testing. For saliva drug test, it is 2ml.


Does the drug test product need to be disposed of in any special way, such as a biohazard bag?


Urine drug test and oral drug test do not pose a biohazard risk and can be disposed of in regular waste receptacles.


Are there products that can be used in the tests to give a false negative? If so, what can be done to avoid this?


Although there are only a small handful of products that can be used to change the result of an impending test, there are validity screens available which can detect these adulterants. Some are integrated into the tests, such as the iCup AD™drug tests , which has built in adulteration, and we also have individual adulteration strips.


Do you have to confirm a non-negative drug test result? If so, how is this done?


We strongly recommends that a SAMSHA certified laboratory confirm all non-negative drug test results. Please call us directly for assistance with confirmations.


Are any of the drug tests that you have FDA Cleared?


All of our urine drug tests and clinical tests have an FDA 510k clearance.


What kind of training is required to administer such drug tests? How do we get the training?


Although there is no official training required to administer the drug tests, We do provide procedure cards, training CD’s, and certificates of completion at no additional charge.


What are the differences between the Oral Fluids drug Tests and the Urine drug tests?


Oral fluids drug tests have the benefit of a simpler collection procedure. The testing does not require a restroom and you can watch the entire process. However, oral tests are only available in the six panel configuration. The urine drug tests have many different configurations and drugs that they can test for. They also detect drugs in the system for a longer period of time than the oral fluids tests, and come in a variety of formats, such as dips, pipettes, and all in one cups.


What are the little white pills that come with the oral fluids drug tests?


The white tablets are mints, which can be given after the drug test has been administered.


How long can drugs be detected?


The following variables including physical condition, body's metabolism, body fluid balance, state of hydration, and frequency of usage should be considered when interpreting the duration for the presence of drugs of abuse in the body. The chart below outlines the approximate time the drugs of abuse can be detected.

Drug of abuse Type
Urine Detection Times
2 - 6 Days
2 - 6 Days
Ecstasy (MDMA)
1 - 3 Days
1 - 3 Days
2 - 5 Days
Marijuana (THC)
1 - 30 Days
Phencyclidine (PCP)
1 - 30 Days
1 - 30 Days
1 - 5 Days
1 - 8 Days
1 - 21 Days
1 - 42 Days
Gamma Hydroxy Buterate
1 - 2 Days
Tricyclic Antidepressants 
1 - 10 Days

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