T-Swab Saliva Drug Test for Employee Drug Testing

T-Swab® One Step Multi-Drug Saliva Oral Fluid Drug Test offers qualitative detection of the following
drugs of abuse and their principal metabolites in human oral fluid at specified cut-off levels
for use in employment and insurance testing: Amphetamine (AMP), Cocaine (COC),
Methamphetamine (MET), Opiate (OPI), Phencyclidine (PCP), Marijuana (THC).


T-Swab Saliva Drug Test

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T-Swab Saliva Drug Test Features & Benefits:

  • Two Test Strip configurations
  • Cleared for Employment & Insurance testing
  • Simple procedure: Collect and test in one step
  • Drug Test results on minutes
  • Convenient and non-invasive rapid drug screening
  • Avoids cross gender observation
  • Reduces sample adulteration or contamination


6 Panel Configuration

SODOA-166EUO : Amphetamine (AMP), Cocaine (COC), Opiates (OPI), Methamphetamine (MET), Marijuana (THC), Phencyclidine (PCP)

T-Swab Drug Test Procedure 

Test devices must be at room temperature((59°F-86°F)15°C -30°C) before testing.


1. Holding the grip of the device.

2. Remove the blue cap to expose the collection pad.

3. Place the collection pad into mouth horizontally.

A. Rub the collection pad inside mouth against one cheek gently in a circular motion several
times (approximately 15-20).

B. Keep it horizontal still, gently rub the collection pad against the opposite cheek in a
circular motion several times (approximately 15- 20).

C. Rub the collection pad on top of the tongue several times (approximately 15-20).

Note: Do not chew, suck, blow, bite or bend the collection pad.

4. Place the collection pad under your tongue and press the tip of your tongue against the
collection pad until red liquid lines appear in both result windows.

5. Hold the device in place by hand until red liquid appears in both result windows.

6. Remove the device from mouth as soon as red liquid appears in both result windows.
Note: The majority of the red liquid will appears in both result windows within 1 minutes. If no red liquid is observed in both test window after 5 minutes, discard the device, review procedures 1-5 above with the donor and repeat the test using a new device.

7. Re-cap the device, lay it on a flat surface and start timing.

Read results at 5-10 minutes.
Do not read after 10 minutes.


Negative (-)
A colored line in the Control Region (C) and another line in the Test Region (T) indicate that
the respective drug is not present, or that the drug concentration in the oral fluid specimen
is below the designated cutoff level for that drug.

Preliminary Positive (+)
A colored band is visible in the Control Region (C). No color band appears in the
One Step Multi-Drug Oral Fluid Test


  • Refer to manufacture package insert for complete instructions. See Below.

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