Oratect AOT-06 Saliva Drug Test FDA Cleared 6 Panel Oral Drug Test for Employee Drug Testing

Oratect Saliva Drug Test Kit - AOT-06 FDA Approved

Alere Oratect® AOT-06 Saliva Drug Test

 The Alere Oratect® AOT-06 Saliva Drug Test is a simple 6 panel saliva drug test for the detection of drugs of abuse.


Oratect saliva drug test for 6 drugs of abuse:

Cocaine (COC), Amphetamine (AMP), Opiates (OPI), Methamphetamine (mAMP), Phencyclidine (PCP). Marijuana (THC)


The Oratect AOT-06 Saliva Drug Test Kits are:

  • Two test strip configurations of 6 drugs
  • FDA Cleared for employee drug testing
  • Rapidly screen up to 6 illicit drugs and prescription drugs
  • Simple procedure: collect and test in one step—results in five minutes
  • Convenient and non-invasive rapid screening
  • Avoids cross gender observation
  • Reduces sample adulteration or contamination
  • Includes transport tube for confirmation testing
  • Made in the USA


Oratect How It Works


Oratect Saliva Drug Test Kit | AOT-06 FDA Approved                                                Oratect Saliva Drug Test Kit | AOT-06 FDA Approved


How to use the Oratect AOT-06 Saliva Drug Test – Mouth Swab Drug Test

Step 1. Remove the test device from the sealed pouch. Carefully remove the blue cap to expose the collection pad. Ensure that the blue lines are present in each test window. Hold the top portion of the device – above the test window area. Do not touch the test window area.

Step 2. Subject should keep head level. Open mouth and rub the collection pad inside mouth against one cheek in a circular motion approximately 15 – 20 times.  Then do the same on the opposite cheek. Rub the pad on top of the tongue several times then underneath the tongue. DO NOT CHEW, BITE OR SUCK THE COLLECTION PAD. Collection time is approximately 3 minutes.

Step 3. Remove device from the mouth when both windows begin to turn pink. (If no flow is observed after 5 minutes in the mouth, discard the device and repeat with a new device). Recap device, lay on flat surface. Do not read after 30 minutes. Negative results can be interpreted as soon as all test lines are visible. Wait 5 minutes to determine a positive result.

Please refer to complete instruction on the package insert and procedure card.


Reading the Results

Read the results when all upper “Control” or “C” lines have appeared. Negative results can be read as soon as all “Test” or “T” lines are visible. (Wait 5 minutes to determine a positive result). Oratect HM-15 Instructions

Mouth Swab Drug Tests

Saliva drug testing has become an easier less invasive way of drug testing. Testing can be done anytime or anywhere. No restroom required. Saliva drug testing is becoming a very popular type of drug tests  for employers. Drug Testing is easy for all types of employee drug testing:

Pre-Employment drug testing:  New applicant drug testing is quick and easy.

Random Drug Testing: Random testing for current employees. No restroom required.

Reasonible Suspicion or for Cause Drug Testing: Saliva test can be done any where at any time.

FDA 510K approved for workplace saliva drug testing. The Oratect AOT-06 (6) panel saliva drug test is easy to administer and a low cost solution to your saliva drug testing need.

The Oratect AOT-06 tests for 6 drug of abuse :  THC40, MET50, COC20, AMP50, OPI40, PCP10

US Screening Source provides FDA (510k cleared) saliva drug test. The Alere Oratect AOT-06 6 panel saliva drug test. See below for information about Forensic Use only devices.

Oratect Saliva Drug Test Cutoff Levels & Detection Times

DrugCutoff LevelDetection Time
Amphetamine (AMP)50 ng/ml1 - 3 Days
Cocaine (COC)20 ng/ml1 - 3 Days
Methamphetamine (MET)50 ng/ml1 - 3 Days
Opiates (OPI)40 ng/ml1 - 3 Days
Phencyclidine (PCP)10 ng/ml1 - 3 Days
Marijuana (THC)40 ng/ml6 - 12 Hours
* Detection times are not guaranteed

The assay provides a qualitative, preliminary test result. A more specific analytical method must be used in order to obtain a confirmed result. Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) or Liquid Chromatography/Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS-MS) are preferred confirmatory methods. Professional judgment should be applied to any drug test result, particularly when preliminary results are positive.

Oratect AOT-06 Product Information

Drug Test Detection Times

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Product Brochure

Package Insert and Instructions

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Saliva Drug Test


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