ToxCup CLIA Waived Urine Drug Test (Sold in Boxes of 25 Tests)


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ToxCup CLIA Waived Drug Test Cup

Features & Benefits

  • CLIA Waived
  • Integrated test cup targets a wide range of illicit and prescription drugs
  • Simple procedure collect specimen, tilt cup and read results in five minutes
  • Buprenorphine screening combined with low-level opiate cutoff makes it ideal doe clinical settings
  • Self-contained cup is ideal for sending presumptive positive specimens for confirmation
  • Long shelf life

ToxCup How it works

ToxCup Brochure

ToxCup Instructions

ToxCup CLIA Waived Drug Test Cup Panel Configurations:

5 Panel ToxCup PT11: (THC50, COC300, OPI2000, PCP25, AMP1000)

5 Panel ToxCup PT12: (THC50, COC300, OPI2000, PCP25, MAMP500)

5 Panel ToxCup PT13: (THC50, COC 300, OPI2000, MAMP 500, AMP1000)

5 Panel ToxCup PT15: (THC50, COC300, OPI300, MAMP500, AMP1000)

6 Panel ToxCup HT15: (THC50, COC300, OPI2000, MAMP500, AMP1000, PCP25)

7 Panel ToxCup HT21: (THC50, COC300, OPI300, MAMP500, BZO300, BAR300, OXY100)

14 Panel ToxCup DT-14: (AMP500, BAR 300, BZO 300, BUPG10, COC150, MDMA500, MAMP500, MTD300, OPI300, OXY100, PCP25, PPX300, TCA1000, THC50)

Sold in boxes of 25 tests two-part drug test results forms included.

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Additional information

Panel Configuration

5 Panel, 6 Panel, 7 Panel, 14 Panel

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