Integrated EZ 7 Drug Test

Integrated EZ 7 drug test provides rapid screening in a convenient cup that targets 7 drugs. This rapid testing device requires minimal training and provides results in just 5 minutes.

DOA-177-161 7 Panel Integrated EZ Split (Cocaine150, Marijuana, Methamphetamine300, Amphetamine300, Opiates, PCP, MDMA)

  • FDA Approved Drug Test Kit
  • 99% Accurate
  • Set to SAMSHA Cut-Off Levels
  • Results are ready within minutes
  • Have up to 24 month Shelf-life
  • Xerox feature- Drug Test Cup can be laid on it’s side and copied for retention of test results
  • Fully Integrated drug test cup where the tester does not have to come in contact with the specimen

Sold in Boxes of 25 Tests. Free ground Shipping Two-part drug test results form included.

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