Integrated EZ 5 Drug Test AD

The Integrated EZ 5 Drug test AD provides rapid screening in a convenient cup that targets up to 5 drugs with adulteration (Checks for Tampering). This rapid testing device requires minimal training and provides results in just 5 minutes.

DUA-157-036-019 5 Panel + SVT: COC, mAMP, OPI, THC, PCP (OX, PH, SG)
5 Panel + SVT: COC, AMP, OPI, THC, PCP (CR, GL, NI, OX, PH, SG)
5 Panel + SVT: COC, AMP, mAMP, OPI, THC (CR, GL, NI, OX, PH, SG)

Sold in Boxes of 25 Tests. Free Ground Shipping. Two part drug test results forms included.


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