Marijuana in the Workplace

Legalized marijuana brings with it significant challenges for hiring and post-employment drug testing. State laws continue to be passed and implemented, and each is unique. All contradict the federal law which still list marijuana as a Schedule I drug in the United States. Regardless of your personal feelings about legalization, the experts have weighed in and recognize that the litigation expenses alone may make legalized marijuana in the workplace one of the most expensive issues that US employers will [...]

The Opioid Crisis

It really is an epidemic – the opioid epidemic has forced the government and the medical community to question many policies and practices. Who prescribes opioids, how often to prescribe, what is the balance between medical usefulness and personal harm, and when does use become abuse? The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is so concerned about opioid abuse it has proposed making fentanyl a Schedule I drug. Still, most employers do not address highly abused prescription opioids in their policies [...]

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